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William Åström

Help us with information about how your cat rescue center works

We are working on developing a system which will make it easier for cat rescue centers to manage cats in need of a home. But also easier get donations, handle medical records and other details.

To be able to improve and develop a more general system that could be used my many, we need insight from more rescue centers.

Are there tasks you work with that could be automated? How do you manage information about cats, medical records and adoption homes today? What does your website look like today, and are there features you lack?

Any information you have to share, is greatly appreciated! Please contact us at: hello@pixney.com

We are sure you noticed that beautiful cat at the top. His name is Lasse and we took him in 2010, together with his three siblings and mother. They had been living under sad circumstances and needed a safe place to be while growing up. He is the reason we came in contact with Uppsala Katthem and had this idea in the first place.