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William Åström

Earth hour - for the love of life and the environment

Nomophobia - the fear of being without your mobile device, shows our ever-growing need to stay connected. Being connected today equals relying on electricity. Not being able to charge our computers or mobile devices we - as a company - would simply not exist.

We are super thrilled to be working with environmentally conscious companies such as myFc. A company working around the clock to bring us green energy. With green energy chargers, similar to their JAQ Hybrid, it is possible to recharge your devices and stay connected even in the most remote places of the world. Simply by having water react with salt.

Being fully aware the problems our industry cause our treasured earth, is why we are joining the CONNECT2EARTH movement today, and have been doing since 2009 when we were first introduced to earthhour during a trip to South Africa.