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Mattias Essman

Five women of great influence on Swedish history

In 1978, UN proclaimed March 8 as the International Women's Day. We at Pixney would like to pay tribute by listing 5 inspiring Swedish women whose efforts have contributed to a more gender equal and better Sweden.

Eva Ekeblad

1724 - 1786

In 1748 Eva became the first woman elected into the Swedish Academy of Sciences, 171 years later women's suffrage were legislated in Sweden. Eva never got to vote but got to experience something groundbreaking for her time that would influence generations to come.

Selma Lagerlöf

1858 - 1940

Selma is one of Sweden's most popular and successful writers. She has spellbound generations with her litterature. Including the story of Nils Holgersson. Selma became the first woman who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and the first woman in the Swedish Academy. How many of today's great writers have had Selma as a role model?

Lydia Wahlström

1869 - 1954

Lydia was a writer and educated in history, Scandinavian languages and political science. She was chairman of the National association for women's suffrage between 1907-1911 and has represented Sweden in international women's conferences. Lydia is one of the key people behind today’s more gender-equal Sweden.

Kerstin Hesselgren

1872 - 1962

Kerstin was a liberal politician who became the first woman to be elected and to work as a member of parliament first chamber. She was elected in 1921 in the first parliamentary elections that women could participate in. Kerstin worked on issues related to education for women, women's equal right to government services, and women's right to have the same salary as men. The latter issue is sadly just as relevant today.

Estrid Ericson

1894 - 1981

Does the name Estrid Ericson sound familiar? If we say Svenskt Tenn, trade contractor and the home furnishing style Swedish Grace there might ring a bell. Estrid founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924, a few years after women's suffrage were legislated in Sweden, and revolutionized the perception of design. How many of you have fallen in love with the elephant patterned fabrics?