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William Åström

Happy clients

Few things are more satisfying than to be able to turn a previously negative experience into a positive one with happy clients as a result.

We were contacted last February by a new client that had been working hard and spending money trying to launch a new version of their website for a pretty long time.

At the time we were contacted, the project had been on stand still for a while. Besides not being able to complete the project, one main issue the client expressed, was lacking the functionality they required to be able to use the system.

We had a look at what had been built, and suggested that we would start over from scratch since we believed that to be the most cost effective way to achieve what they needed.

Since the launch in May, we have made some improvements to the site as well as working through a couple of bugs reported. The client couldn’t be happier with the website and sent us a delicious cake in time for Midsummer.

Project scope

Säkerhetsrådgivarna is Sweden's leading educational and service company in the transport of dangerous goods and adjoining legislation. Dangerous cargo training in all modes of transport is their everyday life. Their services contribute to safer chemical handling and transport of dangerous goods.

The project demanded we custom built all the functionality since hey had to be able to create courses which had a relation to both occasions (time, date and location), literature and digital documents.

When they approached us, they already had a design we decided to use to make sure we saved time and keep costs down.

When developing the backend, we used Laravel and the PyroCMS framework which allows us to easily scale the website in the future.

Newly added webinars

Happy with the new website up and running, they now have a lot of ideas on how to grow and expand their business in the future. Webinars were recently added to their line of educations and seems to be a success!

We are curious to see what other ideas they might come up with, and is looking forward help making them all possible :)