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William Åström

Östersund - Trondheim | Business beyond borders

Did you think our summer meetings was over? Think again! Next stop, September 15, is Trondheim Norway. Again, we want to connect with potential clients and establish a business relation beyond borders.

Even though we have years of experience working with international clients all over the world, we have yet to work in/with Norway. We are really looking forward to these meetings and we hope you would like the opportunity to have some free ice-cream and receive a one-hour free digital marketing and web consultancy.

Business breakfast - Östersunds Kommun

For the first time ever, today we attended a local business event here in Östersund. It’s arranged at the City Hall and what attracted us to join was the talk about business beyond borders between Östersund and Trondheim.

A very nice gathering and we were pleasantly surprised. Spoke to some local business owners and people working at city hall. Seems like we will visit more of these that are held monthly.

Business beyond borders is an initiative to help businesses in Trondheim and Östersund to network. Find out more here : http://businesspitch.se.

Digital Marketing Meetup in Trondheim - September 15

If you find our meetups interesting and would like a free hour of consulting regarding digital marketing, web and applications, please contact us today at: hello@pixney.com