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Mattias Essman

Welcome Säkerhetsrådgivarna

Pixney is proud to present our newest client, SäkerhetsRådgivarna. They are one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of training and consultancy within Transport of Dangerous Goods, Handling of Chemicals and Hazardous Waste. When the client, after a couple of years, still had not been able to launch the website, we were contacted by SäkerhetsRådgivarna to help finalise the project.

Pixney value transparency and therefore allows SäkerhetsRådgivarna to be a part of our work process from an early stage. We are convinced that participation, commitment and communication are three essential ingredients of a successful collaboration. The project scope involves further development based on existing content and design, to enhance the order process, improve the code structure, search engine optimization and speed.

We have chosen to develop the site using a modern and powerful content management system: PyroCMS, based on the most popular PHP framework in the world, Laravel.