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Emma Norrman

Women in tech this week, snowy wilderness yesterday!

How do we stay in a happy mood and keep our creative juices flowing?

That's an easy one! We change the location from where we work as often as possible. Last week, as an example, we skipped city life and went really off-grid to Åkersjön (Jämtland, Sweden).

Surrounded by amazing weather and great snowy conditions we drove deep into the wilderness sporting a Yamaha Multi Purpose snowmobile.

It's probably the most awesome thing about running a digital agency like ours. Being able to set both working hours and locations as you see fit for the day.

Be flexible when it comes to working hours is a must when you have client relationships from different parts of the world - in different timezones.

Our batteries are fully recharged and we are now getting ready for the Women In Tech event in Stockholm this Thursday.

We hope to see you there!