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Emma Norrman

New Brand Ambassador

We at Pixney is now in a busy period with many exciting projects and news that we look forward to soon be able to present. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye on our social media, search Pixney and click "follow". However, today we choose to release one of the big news! We welcome our new Brand Ambassador - Mattias Essman!

Three quick questions to Mattias

How does it feel being Pixney´s newest team member?

  • It feels incredible! I have long known about Pixney and really admire their work. To become part of the team and get to take as much responsibility feels very stimulating!

What made you interested in Pixney?

  • I have long appreciated their design and ease of use. I think they deliver a depth and a stimulus for the eye which few succeed. Moreover, they are an awesome team that will be able to teach me a lot!

What will be your role in Pixney?

  • My job is to try to develop our brand, our marketing and our internal processes. I think I can contribute with my education, a great energy and an administrative sense. I believe in Pixney!